Subaru 2.5 STI

Vadība: VEMS

Degviela: 85E
Uzlabojumi: Subaru STI built in EMT workshop 474Hp 683nm specially for tarmac time attack events. Engine is design and built to be super fast and responsive with ultimate low end torque, but still remain reliability for street everyday use. Turbo pressure start to rise at 1900rpm and it hit maximum turbo pressure (1. 6Bar) only at 3100rpm which result in 600nm, to achieve engine maximum 474hp it needs only 1. 2 Bar turbo pressure. Engine torque is electronically limited.

Modifications: power
rebuild and reinforced 2.5 sti engine block
kings racing bearings
manley forged rods
manley forged 100mm pistons
remanufactured oil pump
arp bottom end bolts and studs
arp main head studs
garret gtx2863r external gated turbo
EMT custom made ported and polished, flow tested heads
lightweight racing valves
kelford 262 camshafts
adjustable cam gears
EMT ported and reshaped intake manifold, tgv delete
EMT ported and remanufactured exhaust manifolds with unequal pipe length
exedy lightweight flywheel with act sb10-hdg6 900nm clutch
EMT custom made top mount intercooler
EMT custom made inlet pipe
mishimoto big capacity engine heat radiator
engine oil cooler
EMT custom made engine sump ventilation and catch can
EMT custom made 3″ exhaust system
750cc injectors

veneri termac suspention
whiteline anti roll bars
performance friction brakes with endless brake pads


Jauda: 474HP 683NM