Subaru STI 2.5 GTX2860R

Vadība: Subaru Remaped
Degviela: 98E
Uzlabojumi: Modified engine with 395HP and 591NM, built for street and Sunday track events. Main project target was to make engine with good low end torque and little spool time for everyday use.
Engine block: complete rebuild, reinforced piston sleeves and block, ARP main and head studs, Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, Kings racing bearings, modified oil pump, original Subaru gaskets and seals.
Engine heads: Ported and polished heads, ported stock STI intake manifold, TGV delete, lightweight Racing valves.
Power: Garrett GTX2860R turbo, AEM 320LPH fuel pump, Bosch Motorsport 650cc injectors
Exhaust: Stock modified manifold, stainless steel TIG welded exhaust
Drivetrain: Spec Stage3+ 980NM clutch, Competition Clutch lightweight steel flywheel
Tune: Remaped Subaru ECU, with two power modes, E98 fuel, 2.0Bar MAP sensor
Other: Oil cooler, stainless steel intake, Turbo pressure and oil temp. gauges.

Jauda: 395HP and 591NM